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The back end of last week [Nov. 2nd, 2004|10:28 pm]
Most of my family have birthdays around Christmas. I spend the two months before and the two months after Christmas buying presents for various people, but then I don't have any to buy for eight months. So last week it was my mothers.
So the weekend really just consisted of me driving up to Nottingham. Going out for a (very nice) meal plus a few drink at Sausage, first time out in the centre of Nottingham at night in about two years, lots of people but we did not see any trouble. Lots of places I'd not seem before and by the sound of things lots more new building planned.

I would move back what with the trams and just generally better transport, plus I still think they have better shops (selectadisc, page45 and a branch of fopp for a start), the city just seem to have a buzz about it, lots of things happening and places to go. Just the lack of IT jobs make it not that practical.

I also did my normal maintenance on my mother PC, remove the Spyware, install the latest patches, at least she is still using Firefox most of the time (Which she really thinks is a better browser than IE).

My the Last Starfighter DVD it turn up (with Futurama Vol 1), only half watched it. Very geeky looking at the vintage CGI but I still think its cool.

Also at the end of last week, I sort of got asked to build two websites, the first (for family, which I'm sure will turn into a nightmare) is just a very simple site with a few photos, I've started doing some little bit on already and the other is a paying gig, that is still not got a signed contract for but looks like we should be able to sort something out. So I could be very busy doing those for before christmas (about the same time as our current deadline at work).

So I'm busy but mostly happy even the GID stuff is ok right now. My mother blowdried and styled my hair and it looked ok, just needed to be a few centimeters longer but a few more months will sort that. My face cleared up ok after the zapping and it that bit clearer.