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Why more bandwidth? [Nov. 2nd, 2004|10:28 pm]
The entry about BT being slow enabling faster ADSL speeds, seems incomplete. It lacked some uses for the extra bandwidth. Many things that just would not be practical on a 512kbit connection become possible, TV over IP with space to still do VoIP and some web browsing for a start.

Before I had 512Kbit Broadband, I didn't think upgrading would change how I used the net having had fast connection as Uni and work in the past , I just thought about the normalish stuff, the always on connection, faster downloads, being able to talk on the phone and use the net at the same time but the biggest changes were all those other uses I had not thought about:

  • Net Radio, not only being able to listen to regular stations like Radio 1 and hear the late night show at a more sensible time but being able to listen to stations like Digital Gunfire playing stuff that would never get on the radio.

  • Bittorrenting TV shows, first getting back into anime with Macross Zero, then hearing that 24 Day 3 was not going to be on BBC, so starting to watch it on my PC (it was great, the .torrent would be available early in the morning UK time, so you would set it downloading before going to work and then by the time you got back in from work it was ready to watch less than 24 hours after it had been shown in the US). Also being able to see shows like The Screen Savers which are just not shown in the UK.

  • Gaming, at the last place I work we did playing games on the LAN most lunchtimes but playing on the net is different ,you get a wider range of people and more players than we had in the office, lots of fun for the most part, even the little kids saying everyone who fragged them was cheating are not that bad and even are funny sometimes.
I wonder what would be on my list six months after I upgrade to a 15Mbit connection?