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TGI Friday [Dec. 5th, 2004|08:19 pm]
Why do people go to TGI Friday's? I went last week for a Birthday (about my third visit). On my first time we has bad service, like no one came to take our order for around half an hour, orders were wrong. Second time, we got ok service, just very bland food, much the same as this time. This time I had steak (nice but not that big), chips (really like only about 25) and some mushy veg, that was nearly 15 quid. All three times the places has been very busy, why do people go? It just not good place to eat, I know of lots of much better places, cheaper, better food, better service, all nearby. Do they do for the American dinner experience? or just because it is next to the cinema? I must be strange because I prefer to eat at a place that does good food.

As a sidenote, the best American Dinner place I have eaten at was in Hull, if you drive from the UCI towards the Bridge, and then if a I remember right turn off near Sainsbury's, and it's on the left. I have no idea is the place still exists but it was great, a real 50's style dinner on the edge of Hull. It also did really good burgers. I just wish we had a similar place down here in Bristol.