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Friday, was not good [Dec. 5th, 2004|08:19 pm]
I had my face zapping, it started off fine but when it got to my upper lip it got really painful, so anyway the the treatment got stopped, right after I felt fine, but they kept me around for 15 minutes just to see if anything bad happened, right now it still feels fine, so I need to go back on Thursday to finish off my zapping.

I was planning to finish up my Christmas shopping, but my Lunch had other plans, and I was sick. I've not been physically sick for about like six years or something, it just as much of a not fun things as I remember, so I ended up not going shopping, just staying in and feeling a bit urgh (and hungry) for the rest of the day. Now I feel ok, but yesterday I was still a bit off, I still managed to finish all the my shopping.

When I was out I did see that a good few people already has decorations up, I thought it was way too early?