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Presents [Jan. 3rd, 2005|10:50 pm]
Not to sound too material but they were very cool this year.
  • Red vs Blue DVDs
    Only watch a few bits so far but very funny (on a related note my brother in law got Halo 2, so we played that most of Christmas afternoon, and I how would not mind my own copy (plus an xbox to play it on)).
  • Strongbad Emails DVD
    Again I've only had a quick look but very good. I played one to my mother who just did not get it.
  • Jump London
    Still stunning, just in time for 'Jump Britain' this Thursday at 10pm (that's a must watch for me).
  • Warp Vision - The Videos 1989 To 2004
    Not really watch any of this yet but it very well produced as you would expect, nice packaging, cool menus, very very slick. It also includes a mix CD which I still need to listen to. Amazon UK link for more info
  • Spaced : Definitive Collector's Edition
    I quickly watched the 3rd DVD (the documentary) which was fun and has some good bits, It really does not feel like a cash in.
  • Mini sweet dispenser
    BMW Mini sweet dispenser

    Which is very very cool (even if it is a BMW Mini), heres a little picture. I may get another for work. I was like a little child when I unwrapped it and saw what it was.