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The last two weeks [Jan. 26th, 2005|07:58 pm]
[Current Music |My Last.fm station]

I've mostly gotten over the Flu I've had since before Christmas, it got to the point where I #(at last) listened to what my body was telling me and got some rest, lots of Vit C and Chicken soup.

Also my PC died (which made getting a Mac Mini seem super tempting, still does) and that took a little long than I thought to fix (turned out it was overheating and the thermal cutout was kicking in, which was strange as I have not messing around with the hardware for months). In many way being disconnected from the net was nice, less stressful, just doing other things. Not to say I want to give up the net just that the info overload can get to you sometimes, which I think has been my theme for the year so far, just feeling overloaded, juggling a million and one things.

Still feeling very nervous about the upcoming meeting with the shrink on the 7th of Feb( but I'm think I got my nerve more under control than last time), so yeah its a big deal and I'm thinking about it lots but I'm also trying to not let it get in the way of everything else, but right anything is either before the appointment or after it, if its after then I just can't seem to think about it.

Anyway face zapping and a day off work on Friday, a long weekend is definitely something to look forward too.

(Gosh, this was going to be this little 'I'm still alive post' but it sort of grew.)