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Daily link entires [Feb. 12th, 2005|12:06 am]

After seeing Tom Coates Daily link posts, I thought that was a good idea, and has a quick look around on del.icio.us and Google for something similar for Livejournal, but I could not find anything, so I half added it to my mental todo list.

Later, I saw that Jeffrey Veen has a script for doing what I wanted but only posting to a Movable Type blog. Some more hunting around turned up LJ::Simple, so a few hours hacking around later (Perl is still kindof new to me, I have sort of been meaning to learn it for a few years now), I came up with yesterdays results (after about 20 failed attempts).

So I have it working but just barely, but I need to do a bunch of stuff before I would be happy even thinking about calling it a version one.

  • Way, way more testing.
  • Better error handling and reporting.
  • Add code to not post an entry when that day has no links.
  • Add the code to work out what the current date minus a day is so I can have it automatically run it at four in the morning.
  • Add some code to put in a lj-cut if the number of links is greater than some constant (I'm thinking about 6-8 as a default).
  • Add Technorati Tags at the bottom of each entry.
  • Sort out the formatting.

Hopefully I will get a few hours early next week to mess around with it and get these done. Also it had been fun just to play around with some technologies I had been looking at: Perl, XSLT and Web services, thats something I have not done in far too long.