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Nokia 6680 [Feb. 14th, 2005|06:53 pm]

Well Nokia officially launched the 6680 today. I have to say the leaks were pretty accurate. The press reaction so far has been very good. I was a little shocked (in a nice way) that Nokia are going to have the phone available so soon, they are saying by the end of Q1 2005, so sometime before the end of March, about 6 weeks away. When I saw the news appear in my inbox, I was so tempted to buy one when they become available, I have been saying that I would wait to move to 3G, let someone else debug the network and phones, but well that just went out of the window.

They seem to have fixed the biggest problem I've had with my 6600, the MMC slot is now not hidden under the SIM and battery, so you can swap card without switching off and taking the phone to pieces, you also have more memory built into the phone.


As for my Wishlist from last year:

  1. Storage, so they don't have harddrives or even 4gb of flash, but MMC are available as 1gb, so hopefully soon, someone will have a dual-voltage reduced-sized MMC at that sort of size soon.
  2. Again, they are not upto 32 megabytes yet, but going to 10 from 6 is a useful increase.
  3. It has the megapixel camera (plus a VGA one of the front for video calling) but that was a no brainer. It also has a LED Flash, which is nice but still no optical zoom.</a>
  4. Again they added a USB port, and from the sound of things the phone will work as a mass storage device on a PC, which will make getting files on and off easier, and maybe using a phone as a modem simple, we will have to see.
  5. On the call charges, nothing so far, that's going to have to wait until they are in the shops. This is a little bit of a sore point with me, my mobile company, did not tell me when I came off the GPRS data promotion I was on, so I used my phone like normal and got a £90 bill for my trouble. So Fingers cross something happens on that score soon. It would be very silly to have a nice 384kbps connection but not to be able to make use of it. My current 4 megabytes a month plan would be gone in a about two minutes.

Nokia 6680 Smartphone