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Not posting that much [Feb. 14th, 2005|08:00 pm]
The last two months, maybe a bit longer I just did not have anything to say here, nothing interesting was happening at work, everyone I know was ill or super busy, so we have not had a chance to catch up.

I knew over the last two week I would have four big thing happen to me: Face zapping (not so bigger deal now but still something I lose sleep over) , My second Appointment at Bristol GIC (strange, that night I felt nearly as bad as I have ever done, feeling very low but now having thought about it, I just want to get on with the counseling and to get started living (at least part time) in the correct role), my first appraisal at work (I've been in the job around 18 months now, I made it past the three month probation, but I know I have not been giving it 100% or really even 90% most of the time, Bug fixing (other peoples code) for that long it really really dull, this was noted and they are going to try to sort out some interesting work, which is good news, all in, they pointed out a few things for me to work on but think I'm doing a not bad job, which is nice), Birthday (I tend to think about what I have done over the last year and what I want form the next). They are all over now, I survived.

My Mother visited over the weekend, we had a nice time, had some nice food, she moaned at me for not being obsessively clean and tidy, but most importantly said how I seem to be happier than I have been for a long time. I do feel like slowly I'm changing all those things I didn't like, I still have bad days but at least now I can see that I can make things better