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Housekeeping on here [Feb. 15th, 2005|10:58 pm]
Last week I deleted all my images from my old webspace, I had been meaning to move them over to Livejournal Picture hosting for a bit, but had not got round to doing anything about it (which I know is a big problem with me but I'm working on it), I thought it would help me get it sorted, well tonight in a burst of action, I did (well most of them only five months left, I promise to do those tomorrow).

All this is a very long winded way of saying I've been looking at lots of my old entries (They all seem so long ago now), anyway one did stand out, at the time I was feeling very trapped, I never did get around to it last year and I don't feel as bad now but the ideal of just living in another city for a week or two still appeals.

I'm in a better position to do something like that this year. I would need to sort out a laptop (its on my shopping list for sometime before August, so buying one early would not be a big deal) being the internet addict I am with WiFi. I am back off to France in September, so thats out, it will be expensive in the mid summer when the schools are off but I do want ok weather, so I can walk around, maybe in May or June time. London seems an obvious choice for the city.

I should look into this seriously, just to stop me burning out.