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Weekend of fun stuff and not so fun stuff [Feb. 21st, 2005|10:20 pm]
The very fun. On Saturday I went to a little Birthday get together with some friends. Many jokes about my age, some very nice beer drunk, some very nice Mexican food, followed by more Beer and then back home to catch the repeat of Nathan Barley (Which is more conventional than I thought, but still funny).

And then the not so fun. This PC has been playing up lots of late. So I gave in. I thought it would be a quick job, backup some data, format the harddrive, reinstalled XP, installed all the patches, put Firefox/Thunderbird/Winamp back on, everything back to normal. I am not so lucky, after many many reboots, I got the system booting again (from a spare Harddrive) but only when I underclocked the memory but even with the drivers reinstalled, no RAID array, after a bit more messing around that appeared, running the Disk tools produced the most enlightening message, 'the hardrive contained errors', gosh.

I gave up at this point and watching the first two sessions of Red vs Blue for the first time, laughing lots. Felt much better afterwards.

Went back to the PC and installed enough to grab email, I just can't face another battle with the windows installer yet. The thing that was really bugging me was this machine for the first year was rock solid, no problems, even when left on for two weeks solid. Now all these problems. I've checked my RAM thats fine and working at the correct frequency, my Hardrives format fine now and copying data to and fro seem ok, my CPU is running the coolest it ever has (32 degrees C), all the cable are plugged in right, this is just very frustrating, having to fix the machine instead of getting on with those other little tasks.

One other thing with reinstalling. I ended up using IE/Windows Media player instead of Firefox/Winamp for a few hours, I still don't like IE very much, its just not as nice to use, I kept middle clicking to open the link in a new tabs but no tab browsing. I got on with Media player much better, I still think the interface take up too much of the screen but its a lot less annoying than I remember.