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Links for 2005-02-21 [Feb. 21st, 2005|11:42 pm]
  • 'Nuclear bunker' school replaced :- They always talked about the place having a bunker but I thought they were joking. That mindset seems so alien now.

  • Confessions of a US Mini driver :- Why one US driver thinks the new Mini is a great car. Given how much smaller the old Mini is I wonder what that would be like to drive in Us with all those SUVs.

  • What is the BBC Interactive Media Player (iMP)? :- Some screenshots of the fabled BBC iMP. They are still dithering over a full launch.

  • CASA MEXICANA :- Very nice food, not too bad on price. A great place to go with a bunch of friends, maybe not so good if you want a quiet meal.

  • ViewSonic NextVision N3000w :- My TV in the living room is playing up, this is one of the possible replacements. expensive but looks very nice.