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Links for 2005-02-25 [Feb. 26th, 2005|09:39 am]
Watching The Spectator Looks like the BBC have been very lucky, they were already make a documentary when all the stories kicked off around 'The Spectator' magazine in the last six months or so.

Anatomy of a backlash part 1 A look at the dotcom boom.

Anatomy of a backlash part 2 The old-school internet community realises the e-commerce bandwagon is promising more than it can deliver.

Anatomy of a backlash part 3 There are doubts about how dot.coms will ever make any money, but they all seem convinced that the most important thing is to get their brand known. Hence the world is full of dot.com adverts.

Anatomy of a backlash part 5 Dot.coms became a joke - at best. But as internet usage continued to rise, who was wise after the event?

Anatomy of a backlash part 4 Was a website an essential part of a business, or a luxury which could be jettisoned when things got tough? The answer was no longer obvious...

DScaler - TV & Video Deinterlacer The DScaler project is an ongoing attempt to get the best video quality possible from a Windows PC

The Secret TV Revolution John C. Dvorak on the growth of MythTV as the techies settop box of choice.