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Burned out [Mar. 4th, 2005|10:57 pm]
Looks like we everything sorted in the end for the release at work, so I can go back to working more normal hours. I've been told its should only be another month of bug fixing (in other peoples code) before I get to write some code, that will make it about 20 months solid of bug fixing, which is very very boring.

I was feeling more burned out and tired than normal today but when I home I saw that my copy of Endzeit Bunkertracks [ act I ] had arrived with todays post. I'd forgotten that it had been posted out last week, I've really only listened to few tracks including the new ayria track (more than once). Now I've heard the track I can't wait for the new album and feel a whole lot better, hopefully after the weekend (in about 7 hours I'm off to Nottingham for mother days) I'll be back to normal (or as close to that as I get).