Zoe (z303) wrote,

Links for 2005-03-07

Build Your Own PBX: A guide to building your own PBX with Asterisk@Home.

Today in Destruction Facility News: A shredder doing what it does on whole computers,Steel drums, a Washing machine, Refrigerator and sofa.

Mobile speed cameras: Looking at some of the accuracy problems with speed cameras.

Home Theater SPOT: Reviews of home audio & video electronics and related technologies.

A Six-Part History of Tex-Mex: A series of six articles that reconsider Tex-Mex in light of its international reputation as America's most popular regional cuisine.

HTGuide Forum: discussion on various Home theatre topics.

Playmini: Do very nice exhausts for minis

voip-info.org: More than you ever wanted to know about VoIP.

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