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Links for 2005-03-08 [Mar. 8th, 2005|11:18 pm]
Memex 1.1: John Naughton’s online diary

Why nerd mentality won't get you out of a bad crash: On experiencing the 'digital divide' - between those who can get personalised, courteous, knowledgeable, sensitive help with their computer problems, and those who do not.

Legal Torrent Sites Help Legitimize BitTorrent: How some sites are starting to use BitTorrent technology to provide something resembling Internet broadcast network.

footnotes: John Naughton's Observer column archive.

Living Without Microsoft :: XPloring the alternatives: The market dominance of Microsoft leads many non-technical people to assume that there really is no alternative to using its software. In many cases, there are real alternatives, and our aim is to help you find them.

Minkmedia: British audience targeted nanopublishers.

High Definition and the future of viewing: Looking at the current situation on resolutions, standards and content distribution.