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Proper Geek [Mar. 13th, 2005|07:12 pm]
[Current Mood |geekygeeky]
[Current Music |Digital Gunfire]

Well last Wednesday I got a laptop (ordered Monday night), I mean I'd only been talking about it for a year. Its a 1GHz Dell C600, nothing super special, 2nd hand from IT Dealers (best prices I've seen, better than Ebay). Its in really good condition, just a few small scratches on the lid, get about three and a bit hours on batteries (that without getting the high capacity one).

Anyway it running Ubuntu Linux which was as easy to install as windows, detecting everything fine, the only thing I don't think works is the stupid winmodem, I've not tried to test that so I could be wrong. I'm running GNOME and I'm finding it as usable as Windows XP maybe even a little nicer. I have also become addicted, to Same one of the game in the standard install.

I still need to get a few things:

  • More memory (The max the machine can take is 512mb. I was very lucky, it has 256mb, which I thought would be 2x128 but I had a look and its a single 256 stick)
  • Extra power adapter ( Just so I can leave one setup at home and carry the other around with me)
  • Bigger Harddrive (It only has a 20 gigabytes unit, enough for now but something larger would be nice)
  • WiFi Card (I have been searching around for what people think is a good one to go for and that has linux drivers
  • A second high capacity battery (one and half time the storage, hopefully the same increase in runtime)
  • DVD drive (It only came with a CD-ROM)

I have got say since the last time I used Linux in a serious way, things have come along so much, it still has a few little problems but having seen the changes between the Ubuntu 2004/10 release and the preview of the 2005/04 version, those aren't going to be around for long. So right now I would not be telling non-technical people to dump windows and move over but when those last little pieces get sorted I will, and I don't think that will a very long wait.