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Links for 2005-3-13 [Mar. 13th, 2005|11:54 pm]
Carlo's Bootleg RSS Feedpalooza: Lots of RSS feed for site that don't normal have them.

MADWiFi: Multiband Atheros Driver for WiFi. A Linux kernel driver for Atheros-based Wireless LAN devices

NdisWrapper: Provides a linux kernel module that loads and runs Ndis (Windows network driver API) drivers supplied by the vendors.

delicious-java: del.icio.us Java API's.

What is Structured Blogging?: Structured blogging is about making a movie review look different from a calendar entry. On the surface, it’s as simple as that - formatting blog entries around their content.

ClamWin Free Antivirus: An Open Source (GPL'd) anti virus program for Windows.

Brazilian hip-hop: Funky and fun music from the ghettos of brazil

Squid Web Proxy Cache: Squid is a high-performance proxy caching server for web clients, supporting FTP, gopher, and HTTP data objects.

TuxMobil: Linux With Laptops, Notebooks, PDAs and Mobile Cell Phones

TV Century 21: The Gerry Anderson home page

Ubuntu Linux Forums: User forums for Ubuntu. many guides and howtos.

Unofficial Ubuntu Starter Guide: A getting started guide for Ubuntu

Ubuntu: A good debian based linux distro. I'm running it on my laptop, so far its been easy to install and use.

THE.SCENE: NYU student Brian Sandro has a secret: he and his friends pirate hundreds of millions of dollars of Hollywood movies over the Internet.