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Petrolhead [Mar. 20th, 2005|09:42 pm]
I'm a geek in so many different ways. I got my car back after its MOT, in Tuesday mornming, out Thursday afternoon. Just some minor things needed doing, wheel alignment, front ball joints etc. Oh and the new exhaust, Dual side exit Play Mini, v. cool, sounds super nice (they have a sample on the website if you are interested). I also got a K & N air filter. So it running really well, with the other little things that got fixed its handling just spot on.

Its been great fun just to drive it. I went to a different supermarket today for some shopping, just to get in it. I even gave it a clean today. it felt bad to be driving around in this nice weather with all the grime on the bodywork (the joys of working at a business park need the motorway).

My Mini after its wash

Like I said geek in so many ways.