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Death of a Television [Mar. 21st, 2005|04:43 am]
My TV died over the weekend, it has not been very well for a week or two
(the picture was curving in at the bottom) but I thought it would last for another week or two.
S I was already half way into working out what to buy next. I'd first thought about a nice, super cool flat panel, as any gadget freak would,
but well they are very expensive and like this BBC article touches on, very few of the displays currently on sale can display HD.
So far I've only seen the ViewSonic NextVision N3000w that can for a sensible even if far from cheap price.

In the end I dumped the idea of going for a flat panel, just because they will not be future proof, are expensive (the N3000W is about 1200 quid) and still have question marks over the picture quality.
A nice widescreen 28 inch CRT is only around 500 quid, has a good picture, its also not going to be future proof but it figure in two or three years time,
most of the problems with flat panels will have been worked out (large OLED displays should be around soonish), the cost will have come down and of course actually have some programmes to watch in HD, so dumping the set to upgrade will Ill have 500 vs. 1200 quid to write off (that sound far too much like a accountant, all very sensible).