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Its a Linux Adventure [Mar. 30th, 2005|08:40 pm]
Yeah, shock horror a non-daily links post.

I'm still really liking Ubuntu, apt is really nice, just installing an app and it goes 'oh you need all these other things for that to work', just how things should be. GNOME is very usable, I think I may have changed my mind about recommending it to people how just do office type stuff, web, email and IM. Next time I visit my mother I'll let her have a play and see what she think, that will be interesting. Just to see what she will pickup on that I just totally miss.

I did give XGL a try after I saw those Luminocity demos just to see how but it ran it little slow, my laptop only has a Rage 128, so its a little lacking in video memory and rendering speed so that no fault of the code but it did have me looking for a new laptop with a better graphics chip inside, which is bad, real bad, when I've only had this one for about two weeks but those effects are so nice.

I also got Bugzilla installed and working at last, very easy in the end (as these things always are after the fact), so now I just need to dump the todo list into the database and see how things progress on that little life hacks experiment.
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