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Things arrive, things are delayed

My copy of MAKE was waiting for me when I got home, I was beginning to worry that it had gotten lost. I've only had a chance for a quick flick though, but my first impression is its really cool, lots of little one or two page projects (Need I add ranging for geeky to uber geeky), well worth the wait (and anyway the blog covered a lot of other stuff well I was waiting).

I also got the new Terratag (they do very cool anime/giant robot T-shirts, Toys and artwork) newsletter, they have redone the website and launched the new range of T-shirts, a few are very tempting, doubly so as I've been good the last few months and not gone on any T-Shirt buying sprees (but I think that maybe end very soon).

Not so good, its looking like us here in Europe will not be getting the PSP until September, really a pain, I have spent all week reading about the cool hacks people are already doing and now have to wait six months to try them out.

Also still no sign of the Nokia 6680, they said by the end of march, but that not going to happen now. I guess I was wrong about why it would be an expensive couple of months, which in the end may not be a bad thing, I still have that new television to order.
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