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PC Rebuild

Most of today has been used rebuilding my desktop system and reinstalling Windows XP. What I was seeing before the rebuild and what prompted me to do the reinstall was it kept just freezing, sometime after a few minutes, sometimes after being on for a few days, I think it was the way I had the device connected to the PSU. So I fully striped the cables and reconnected them all, moving a lots of devices around, to try not overloading any individual powerline. Which I think was the problem before. It took a surprising a mount of time, but now the Harddrives and DVD-ROM are separate from the CPU with the graphics card on its own line and the case fans on whats left.

It seems to be stable and running well but its still early days, so I've not bother to put the sides back on the case just yet. Too much like tempting fate.

One other thing I picked up on when doing the reinstall was how I use my Desktop system in a very different way to my Laptop. I had the Laptop on the desk next to me and was surfing the net while I was waiting for all the various installers to finish. First time I have used them side by side.

On my Desktop I tend to use the mouse for everything, scrolling documents with the wheel, using the back and forward button lots, only using the keyboard for copy and pasting.

On the Laptop I use keyboard shortcuts instead of the trackpad or pointing stick, alt-tab to switch between windows, tab to jump to the right text field.

I don't know if this is due to the desktop being windows and the laptop being linux, that maybe part of it but not the whole story. I thin its more down to the different screen sizes, the laptop is only has a 1024 by 768 screen which I found very small at first (and in some ways still do), so its very easy for windows to overlap or in many cases completely cover each other, even with GNOMEs workspace feature. On my desktop its the other way around, it runs in Dualhead mode, with 1280 by 1024 on each display. So windows don't cover each other nearly half as much, and its easy to just use the mouse to select the current input focus.
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