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A Visit to Gadget Heaven [Apr. 5th, 2005|09:45 pm]
[Current Mood |nerdynerdy]

I finally order my new tv today, after all that thinking about it. Hopefully it will be arriving sometime on Sunday. I'm so looking forward to watching something on a decent sized screen again.

Just before ordering the new TV, I did take a look at some of the DLP rear projectors I'd been told about. I have never been a fan of rear projectors, the ones I have seen were alway even deeper than large CRTs, taking up far too much room, plus the picture has been dark, low contrast with a small viewing angle.

Well after seeing these new DLP ones, I have changed my mind, the blacks were black, the whites are very white, the colours are very vivid, no viewing angle problem I could see and all about as think as a normal CRT television. I was really blown away both by the picture and then the price, three grand for a 50 inch DLP, 42 inch for about two and half, not that I have a big enough living room to house one of these monsters. Maybe in a few years when I'm looking for HDTV they will have drop enough to not be in the heart attack/small car zone but by then I'm sure Ill have some new (too expensive) technology to lust over.

While I was in the shop I gave in and brought a new DVD Player, the old one had been progressively skipping more and more, making lots of film unwatchable. The new one is just cheapy Samsung, not that makes it a bad player or anything just the plan is to still sort out a HTPC before the end of the year, after I have got the surround sound amp and speaker setup.

Also in the shop, after lusting over a Mac Mini I saw one in the flesh, gosh they are tiny, not much bigger than one of those 4CD cases, I so wanted to buy on their and then but I have totally blown by gadget budget for this month already. I'm such a sucker for product design, stick a nice case on something and I'll want to buy it.

A Mac Mini in the shop
So cute on its little stand

Just look how small the Mac Mini is
How large does the VGA cable looks compared to the case?

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