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The last week [Apr. 17th, 2005|12:41 am]
[Current Mood |exhaustedexhausted]
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Yeah, I'm busy at work again, so I have not been posting much, its just when you spend all day looking at a screen, the thought of spending another hour or whatever writing something here is not that attractive.

Mostly I've been just grabbing some food and crashing out in-front of the TV, which I guess is what most 'normal' people do all the time but not something I've done since having broadband. . My normal TV watching is catch the news when I get in and the odd show or two, then switching off the google box and doing other things. The show I normally Torrent, Lost, 24 and Desperate Housewifes, I tend to download them while I'm at work and watch them that evening, then delete them, but this week I just have not been watching them, something for Sunday afternoon.

Talking of Television. the TV did turn up on Sunday, they said between 8am and 6pm and ofcourse it was nearer 6pm than 8am (3:30pm for those interested). Its big, really big, the box it came in is as big as my sofa. Lots of geeky fun setting up the picture and tuning the channels in. The picture quality is better than I hoped for (still running on analogue) and the sound is not bad either, so I've been watching lots of DVDs just to see what they look like.

I really do need some surround sound speakers to match the picture but those will have to wait until next month at least, I still have not sorted out what I want to buy, just that an amp with Video switching would be cool. I am also having second thought on the buying a PVR, its about £280 to £300 for a good freeview one and I'm pretty sure I can build a HTPC for about £500, which was the plan for the end of the year anyway, so I'm leaning towards just not bothering with the PVR and building the HTPC in the next few months.

In the saga of my Heating, it died again on Sunday. So no hot water for most of Sunday and Monday morning, the plumber came and got the hot water back on but the boiler needed replacing, which he did on Thursday, turning up a 7:35 in the morning without warning, so I got into work very early that day.

Thursday turned out to be a very long day, because I got in early I thought I would come home early aswell but my Mini had other ideas, it would not start, I checked the oil, the battery and a few other obvious things but it just was not starting, so I called the AA, he has no luck either and called for a truck to take me to a garage. I was very impressed with the service from the AA and also very very glad that I had the membership, it just made the whole thing way less stressful. In the end I did not get home until a few minute to nine and was just very tired. I popped down to the garage Friday morning before work to explain why my car was out front (they had been closed by the time I phoned the night before), after explain what happened, they had a quick tinker with the car but it still would not start, so I left it with them and hopefully I'll hear (good) news early next week.

It was not all bad, when I was walking to find a taxi to take me to work, I saw a really good piece of Graffiti which got me at last to do something with my Flickr account. I really must try and take more photos, at worst its an excuse to get out of the house.

Also I saw lots of new Clothes at the start of the week which I so need to buy, I saw these really cool combats and jeans (and which ofcourse are very different to all the other pairs I have) but I was good and did not buy them straight away, which given all the things that happened at the end of the week was for the best.

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