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Transport [Apr. 18th, 2005|08:30 pm]
[Current Music |Mallrats on TV]

So with my car still being broken, I got the bus into work. Not something I've done for a while, normally when I'm driving the journey takes about 20-30 minutes and cost about £10 of petrol a week, the bus takes an hour plus 20 minutes to walk to the bus stop with 10 minutes on the other side to get into the office and costs £1.80 each way.

So both cost about the same each week (discounting maintenance costs for the car) but takes three time as long. You can see why people like using their cars, its just so much quicker and more convenient, no walking to the bus stop in the rain, no having to find change for the bus fare.

That all seems wrong, as a driver, you get taxed more and more, on fuel, car tax, trying to get people to use the bus instead but until they sort out public transport I don't see it as an option (but maybe thats just Bristol). When I've been to other countries they do seem to do a better job of providing an integrated system.
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