Zoe (z303) wrote,

PSP Watch

Well so now I know, the earlier reports were right, Europe is not getting the PSP until the 1st of September and like a few other people, I want to know why we get to pay 50 quid more?

I know the US price does not include sales tax. Right now £50 is US$95.31 call it a flat US$96, the value pack is going for US$249.99 on Amazon, call it again a round US$250, so US$96 is 38% of US$250. I can't imagine the tax being that high, and from a quick google, the top rate look to be 10% or 11%, add another 10% for extra transport cost in Europe, still leave nearly 20% extra.

Of course I'm still going to buy one, which is I guess my answer, if people will pay it, companies will charge any amount.
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