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Nokia Nseries [Apr. 27th, 2005|07:25 pm]
Ok today it no longer seems such a pain that the 6680 is not available. Nokia have announced the Nseries, all with 2 megapixel cameras, the N90 with its twisty body and Carl Zeiss optics which seem very much targeted at being a proper camera and a phone at the same time (but still no optical zoom), the N91 Musicphone with WiFi, a 4GB hard drive and a headphone socket, and lastly the one I'm most interested in (but with is the most convectional looking) the N70, which looks oh so similar to the 6680.

Nokia 6680 front shot
Nokia N70
Nokia 6680 front shot
Nokia 6680

Looking at the two phones specs side by side, show they are almost the same size, with the N70 being a little thicker, taller, narrower and lighter. Same size and colour depth for the screens, both with dual camera, the same battery life and network support.

Things only start to be different when you look at the media specs, the N70 has a FM radio and 2 mega pixel vs. 1.3 megapixel rear camera (a big selling point for me), video recorder resolution is better (352x288 (CIF) vs. 176x144 (QCIF) on the 6680) and the amount of internal memory (the N70 has triple the 6680s 10 meg) , which should be very useful.

The N70 is slated to be available Q3, so it really does not seem worth buying a 6680 if a month or two later the N70 will be out with a better camera and more memory. Hopefully the N70 will appear on time so I will not have a long wait.

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