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N70 vs. my smartphone wishlist [Apr. 27th, 2005|09:35 pm]
After I posted the last entry, I had another look at my smartphone wishlist.
  1. Storage, Well it uses dual-voltage reduced-sized MMC just like the 6680 but you can get 256MB cards now, hopefully larger sizes will be available before the phone is in the shops.
  2. Well, I said 32 megabytes would be nice, and 30 is near enough for me.
  3. Still no optical zoom but a 2 megapixel camera (1600 by 1200) is useful.</a>
  4. Again like the 6680, the N70 has Bluetooth and USB, people have got 6630 working as modems for laptops, so being able to do the same with a N70 should be no problem (and hopefully not harder on linux than windows).
  5. On call charges or more correctly data charges, no sign of a price drop yet
So in a little over a year 99% of the list has been made real. Smartphones are coming on so fast, I'm looking forward to seeing how these devlop over the next few years. I'll make another list after I have got my hands on a N70, hopefully in two months or so.
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