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WiFi Range [Apr. 30th, 2005|10:32 am]
Well after listing all the little bits I wanted to get for my laptop, I have actually got a few of them, I got a memory upgrade off ebay (the laptop seems to run a little quicker now and the problem of glitching audio playback has gone), WiFi card ( worked first time, just plugin and go).

I had second thoughts on the larger harddrive, I just don't think I'll be carrying that much data on the system, 20 GB seems fine for now. DVD drive, extra power adaptor and high capacity battery can wait until nearer September when I'm off to France again.

Also to go with the WiFi card I got a Linksys WRT54GS, but so far I've not do any of the interesting things with it. One of the things I must try soon is check the range of the WRT54 and my WiFi card, I was just going to walk up the road and see how far I can get. It just walking up a street with a laptop powered on, needs good weather and daylight, here we just have not had both at the same time lately.

This does have a (little bit of a) point, about 100 Meters up the road is a Pub with a nice beer garden, so I'm hoping I get a signal when I'm sitting on one of the benches. Just add Skype and/or a mobile and I should be able to work from the Pub, not that it would be a good Idea, I hate to think what the quality of my code would be like after a few pints.

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