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Boy/Girl [May. 3rd, 2005|09:53 pm]
Bank holiday, we went for a walk down Whiteladies, just window shopping for bits and piece for the French place. The really important bit for me was the big issues seller, as we walked past, he said 'Big Issue ladies?', this is the first time that has happened and I had a little smile to myself. That was not the only gender related thing that happened, in the corner shop on Saturday buying a paper, the guy behind the counter called me 'Sir' every other word.

I don't think I look any different from this time last year, but it seems the rest of the world think differently. It was such a big boost to my confidence. Very nice how those little things make such a difference. It all gives me the hope that this will turn out ok. Not that I think I have a choice about doing this but knowing it could turn out ok makes it easier.

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