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Graffiti again [May. 3rd, 2005|10:46 pm]
cleaned up

Also this weekend I took my Mother camera down to that Graffiti I saw the other week and got a few higher res shot of the wall. So I had a little go with the gimp, cleaned up the image, removed the background and tidied up edges, and the bottom image is how it turned out. I've been think about finding a online place that will print the image onto a T-Shirt, after doing a quick google, it looks like lots of places do this.

The thing that is really bugging me is, the guy who did the original, I wish I had a way of contacting him. They have talent and think people would pay cash money to own the design all printed up on T-Shirts and Hoodies. Instead they are spraying wall and risking getting into trouble with the cops.

This happens to me a lot, I see cool stuff around me but the people who created it, they don't see any of the money made from the ideas (This happened a lot when I was doing games, some sold million+ copies but the guys who did the hard work, 12+ hours a day, 7 days a week for months, only got an ok salary and a two grand bonus if they were lucky, where the bosses went out and got new sports cars).

Sometimes I half think about how you would go into setting up something like Magnatune but for other creative things not just music, just to get this cool stuff out to a wider audience, I know I'm the wrong person to try that sort of thing but I hope some else can make a go of that idea.

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