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Wierd few days [May. 9th, 2005|07:40 am]
So Thursday I voted for the first time (in the 12 years I have been able to). This time issues I cared about (ID Cards, Iraq War, Immigration) were in the limelight, so it was the right thing to do (which has alway been the case, but now I do feel part of society, which I think maybe a little bit of a theme over the last year, feeling less on the outside of things).

The actual voting was a very dull everyday experience, I went in the evening to the local library, just after my face zapping, so I was a bit out of it, put down my X and went home to eat my dinner. It turns out I live in a three way marginal, and in the end I got sucked into the election night TV (Paxman was in good form) and ended up staying up till about six in the morning, totally knocking out of wack my bodyclock, so Friday was more or less a wash out for me.

Saturday was just me trying to catch up on the things I should have done on Friday and getting my bodyclock back to more or less normal, plus Doctor Who in the evening (still loving the new series).

Sunday started very strangely, a man came to delivery my new passport, at 10:40 in the morning! The idea I had a problem with was, someone government related working on a Sunday.

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