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Bugzilla as a life hacks tool [May. 9th, 2005|09:56 pm]
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I've moving away from using Bugzilla as a GTD tool, it worked fine but after seeing Backpack, that seems to have a better interface and is just super easy to use. I've also been seeing what other have been using MS Project in a similar way to i used Bugzilla.

I moved my todo and started to keep my notes for the French place website on the site, but I think I'll be moving over to Basecamp (also from 37 Signals) more for the multiuser features. The idea (apart from doing the site to help out my mother) was to maybe jumpstart some web design work just incase my day job dies. Hopefully working with my mother will iron out some of the bugs in the development process, and just the chance to apply some of the agile methods I have been reading up on.
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