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What I have been up to [May. 19th, 2005|08:58 pm]
So yeah, I've been bad about updating here with real content not just a bunch of links.

Wednesday: Working on the French places website, still liking basecamp, a nice logical interface, everything where you think it should be, you can tell they have put lots of work to get to this point.

Thursday: At a leaving do, for one of the guys at work, my boss (who comes into work at 11 to 11:30 everyday) made a big thing of saying how his wife gets upset if he is not home by 8pm and how that happens often. Yeah no one was super impressed by that.

Friday: My Car died again, called the AA out and ended up being towed to the garage again. It looks like the fuel pump broke. I'm still waiting for the final bill. In think it maybe time for my mini to be replaced, this week I have been getting up at 6am to walk to the bus stop, really I just need a simple reliable car to get me to and from work with the odd trip up to Nottingham. Not something I planned on paying for just yet but it looks like I may not have much choice.

Saturday: Just really watched Doctor Who, which I still think is about the best thing on TV right now.

Sunday: Dinner at a friends followed by Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Top film) and then an episode of The Office (I had forgotten how accurate it all was, we spent most of the time saying which character reminded us of this or that person we worked or work with.

Monday: A friend was back in town, who I have not seen for a few months, so we caught up on things at one of the local pubs, it was very interesting to hear what he said about things happening here the UK as now he spend most of the time outside the country.

Tuesday: More French places website work, costing web space, more playing around with Drupal, Wordpress and
blosxom trying to sort out which one I will go with for the site. I set myself a deadline of Monday to have that decided and then two week to get a rough version of the site together.

Wednesday: Went to see the HHGTTG movie, I liked Marvin and Zaphod Beeblebrox, but Ford less so, Mos Def seem a little uncomfortable in the role but he did look the part, maybe I've seen the TV series too many times. Stephen Fry was spot on as the book and Bills Bailey and Nighy had nice funny roles. It was also nice to see Simon Jones got a cameo and the picture of DNA at the end was a nice touch. Worth seeing but could have been better (I still hope they do sequel).

On the way out we ended up walking pass a group of stormtroopers, part of the Episode III hype, people were queuing when we went inside for HHGTTG and it was not that warn. I'm sure I will see the film soon but no way would I wait outside in the cold for four hours just to be the first.

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