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BBC Strike [May. 23rd, 2005|06:03 pm]
Today has been a little strange with only a few updates on the BBC News site because of the Strike. Like Doctor Vee, I really did not think I spent that much time on the site until I had a single day without. It showed me how much a part of my daily routine the website has become has become, just like Today and Newsnight on the Radio and Television.

As a little aside, in place of Today a programme about podcasting was repeated, something the BBC are already experimenting with.

Lots of interesting things going on with IP based media right now, including now ex-G4 host Kevin Rose quitting his job to create IPTV programming full-time. A brave move (Hopefully his Digg site is making at least enough to cover his rent and food), I wish him well, and I look toward to seeing the shows.

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