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Systm [May. 26th, 2005|08:02 am]
Its a good start but very short and not the most original topic (warspying). I have the same sort of feeling as watching the first episode of the new Doctor Who, its a really good start and you can see how things could grow, just a real buzz about the show and wanting more episodes.

On a technical level, the show was very good, for me that was an important thing to see, clear motion graphics explaining the circuit diagram (Not the most interesting topic to illustrate), nice snappy title and credits with music that fits well with the identity of the show. A show that looks Pro but created on consumer equipment just show how far the technology has come in the last few years.

Heres the link if you want to take a look yourself, the site is very basic right now and maybe slow as they got linked from BoingBoing, digg and Slashdot. Maybe the show being so popular mean doing this type of TV is less of a risk than I thought.

Also, in ex-TechTV people doing internet technology shows news, from the shadows have made two releases this week, I've only seen the first two episodes but again, great production values as you would expect and totally worth watching.

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