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Transport [Jun. 1st, 2005|10:31 pm]
I walked back from work last Friday, just because it was nice outside (that did not last long) it took two hours, the bus plus the walk at either end take one and half, for comparison in the car it takes about 20 minutes to half an hour depending on the traffic, that seems very wrong, having better public transport can't be that hard to sort out?.

Talking about my car, its back working, after about 300 quid worth of work. This means after two weeks I'm driving to work again, just long enough to forget about what a bunch of morons Bristol drivers are. Tuesday had someone driving a metre from my back bumper, which is not very clever at any speed but at 60mph, if I'd needed to brake for any reason, he would not have any thinking time, let alone stopping distance. Driving in a little mini made me feel very vulnerable. Another reason to get a new car, I'm still thinking a Yaris, just not sure which engine, the 1.3 or the 1.5.

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