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BAE/Airbus in Filton [Jun. 2nd, 2005|10:32 pm]
When I walk home last week I took some photos, now I've got around to uploading them. They are clearing a large area of the BAE/Airbus site which has been empty for at least as long as I've been in Bristol, for the planning application, it looks like we are getting more office space.

BAE/Airbus Filton site clearingBAE/Airbus Filton waiting to be demolishedAn old gate leading into BAE/Airbus FiltonSite Clearing at BAE/AirbusBAE/Airbus site clearing

BAE/Airbus FiltonBAE/Airbus FiltonAn old gate leading into BAE/Airbus FiltonLooking up a over grown pathMore BAE/Airbus site clearing

Pegasus House, is this beautiful art deco building at the top of the hill, I still can't get over the fact they let it be empty for so long and become all rundown. I really do hope it gets restored.
Pegasus HousePegasus House sidePegasus House front looking upPegasus House detail

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