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Macs [Jun. 3rd, 2005|07:12 pm]
From 1991 to about 1994 I used Macs a lot, then moved over onto workstations (Sun mostly with some SGIs and Linux boxes), then briefly back onto Mac at a summer job, I always really liked them but most games ran on PCs and they costed more, so I ended up get a PC at home. its just that the interface is no where near as nice, I could not find an editor as good as BBEdit (still something I miss using). Fast forward a bit, Windows XP is out, and is much better than earlier version, but then Mac OSX come out, looks really good, I have a brief play with a demo machine in a shop, and like what I see but the systems are expensive, so a upgrade to a new PC.

Mac OSX then just keeps getting better and more interesting, and every so often I think again about getting a Mac. Then the Mac Mini drops, and well, my credit card got very worried. Most of the apps I use are web based (Backpack,LJ,del.icio.us) or Open Source (Firefox, Thunderbird,OpenOffice.org, the Gimp), running either on my big windows XP desktop or my Linux laptop. So I have no real reason to run Windows (or linux) for that matter. Looking at some of the stuff in Tiger and the general cool stuff being done, I'm thinking more and more about making the switch. Reading this post just make it all seem more like a sensible option. I could see me just doing all my Email, letter writing and general work on the Mac only using the PC for games and heavy lifting. Then again after just reading about Miss K's recent experiences, maybe staying on the PC would be for the best but I think it just a matter of time before I end up buying one.

Now the next problem is getting the money together to buy a decent Mac setup. Maybe that why I should push getting this freelance web work more, buy and Mac, buy a new car, buy a new Highend PC, buy loads of new clothes.

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