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Too Hot [Aug. 31st, 2005|09:39 pm]
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I try not to write about my day job, mostly because it's very dull, but today, something that really annoyed me.

Our office gets very hot but the air con does not work, so two week ago I got a cheap thermometer from Maplins just to see how hot it got. It turns out the office is normally between 25C and about 28C. I checked and the UK has no Max temperature , which is bad, we have a minimum, just nothing stopping employers cooking employee alive, very strange.

Anyway yesterday it got upto 31.4C, very uncomfortable, so I mailed HR, first asking at what temperature the company would consider it too hot to work, the answer was 'there is no legal maximum temperature'. So I replied listing the temperatures it got up to, the reply was 'Do you have a fan', my reply was yes but working air con would be nice, the reply was 'It will be winter soon and anyway even with air con at the head office, some people think its too cold and so too hot'.

Anyway while this was going on I did a quick google, it seems if you get much over 25C, you don't get that much good work out of people. So its in the companies interest to have a good working temperature, maybe a have too much faith in people and thought they would actually care.