November 9th, 2004

Angel, graffiti

US election fallout

I avoided saying anything here until now, I mean we have talked it all to death at work but well just about the rest of the planet has put it their two cents/pence/whatever.

Ok first the funny bit:
Optimus Prime wins Election
very child of the 80's

Lots of maps of how people voted, and the whole Canada 2.0 thing.A very good Guardian piece by Simon Schama talking about outward and inward looking factions in the US. b0ingb0ing's roundup of thoughts. Scary posts on websites. kim_jong_il__ has started posting again, well worth a look.

I don't think the world got any safer that day, but well more people voted for him than the other guy, thats how Democracy works sometimes (yes I know all the stuff about dirtytricks and other problems but I hope if they did happen it was only in a few places, otherwise I would be double scared now). I keep telling myself 'its only four years, he cant trash the whole planet in that time', I hope I'm right.
Angel, graffiti

Bonfire Night etc

After Thursday trip to the always great Bukokan (If you are ever in Bristol you should make a special effort to visit them and do make sure you have some of the thai fish cakes).

Bonfire night was a Curry (Nice, if a little rushed) and the joining the masses as we walked up to the (very muddy by the time we arrived) downs to watch a firework display (loud, smokey, raining, and great to watch), then off to a pub to dry out and get in a few pints. It just turned out to be very nice night but we all must be getting old as we left before closing time, which was a first at least for me in a long time.

This whole trying to go out more thing does seem to be making a difference, feeling less bad, less often, which is good but now I have more things happening it is show my complete lack of time management skills (hence this not being updated as often as it should), maybe that the next thing to work on.