March 1st, 2005

Angel, graffiti

Links for 2005-02-28

Building a Simple Streaming Media Server? Some pointers on building your own network jukebox.

Home Routers w/ Decent QoS Performance? Someone else asked the same question I have been thinking about, now I'm seem to be using my connection for more things at the same time.

ADSL-optimizer A Masters Thesis on a solution guarantees low latency while maintaining full utilization of both upstream and downstream, without wasting link capacity.

BBC Languages Homepage Online courses in a number (of mainly European) languages.

Cardiff Devils Ice Hockey Club Looks like a may have found a sport I like to watch.

Angel, graffiti

Random acts of management

On Friday the Deadline was the end of next week.
Yesterday the Deadline was the end of this week.
Today the Deadline is the end of tomorrow.
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