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Scary 24/7 vehicle tracking coming to the UK

If the number of CCTV camera in the UK (Top factoid, 4 million cameras for 60 million people, so one camera for every 15 people) and the whole ID cards/one true ID database was not scary enough, this new plan:
BRITAIN’S top traffic policeman is pushing through plans to create a national network of roadside spy cameras that will be able to track the movements of motorists around the clock.
Details of any vehicle passing a camera will be stored in a database for at least two years — even if the owner has not committed an offence.
Seems even more open to abuse. This does not make me feel any safer from terrorists, just more afraid of my own government, because mistakes will be made, sometimes they will be sometime that can be corrected and sometimes not.

I am I really out of touch with all the other people in the country or is it the people making new laws and projects? I don't know but this path of more and more surveillance scares me.
Tags: 1984, database state, mass surveillance
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