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Bedroom DJ [Nov. 16th, 2005|11:34 pm]
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One of thing on my Todo list for, well a good chunk of my life has been to give DJing a go, I did try once for about like half an hour when I friend brought over his Double Denon but it quickly because obvious that if I was ever going to be better than than very very bad, I would have to practice way more than that and then with we had to dash out as people were waiting. I never got around to having another go, mostly put off by the cost getting some decks, just really to mess around with.

Fast forward abit (well alot) and I saw this on Pocket-lint, a nice little USB thingy to play around at DJing with, and just at the time year when people are asking me what I want for Xmas.

Maybe I'll get around to having a proper go at it this time.