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My next Clock [Apr. 5th, 2006|10:45 pm]
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For a while now I've been finding these Translucent Objects on my travels around the net. First Concrete (around two years ago now), a super idea.

Maybe something you would see being used Grand Designs to build some state of the art place in London but not something that's useful to me now (or that I could afford), maybe one day when I build that house, after making my second million.

Wood veneer Cabinet
Then last year I came across this cool cabinet, much more practical but still in the 'if you have to ask about the price' range.

Anyway over on Firebox they have got a clock based on the same idea, which at last is at price I can afford. Plus I'm also in the market for a new alarm clock as my old clock radio died a few months ago and I've just been using my mobile phone, which is ok unless you forget to charge it, but this looks a little more stylish.
Wooden Clock


From: fadonapu
2011-04-08 11:54 pm (UTC)
Super-Duper site! I am loving it!! Will come back again – taking your RSS feeds also, Thanks.

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