Zoe (z303) wrote,

Your have to love the NHS

So I've been trying to sort out this birthmark I have, just to see if it can be removed, first I saw my GP, who as expected bounced me to a plastic surgeon at the hospital, who after making me wait an hour, took one look and ordered a biopsy. So a few more months wait for so holes to be cut into me, then a few more after that to get the results after having to wait for two hours this time, while standing up, just to be told they can't do anything but maybe the laser clinic can.

All this I'm not upset about, the Doctors and nurses, are doing great work in far from ideal situations, I know they are not paid well and my condition is far far from life threatening.

What is bugging me is, today, two months after last seeing a Doctor, I got a letter telling me that the laser clinic is only taking Children on as patients. Why did it take two months to tell me that? Is the health service that infested with bureaucracy it take two months for my request to go from the Doctor that saw me to the clinic who can make a decision then to a letter that gets posted to me?. Are all large organisations dysfunctional simply due to the nature of being over a certain size?
Tags: health, nhs, waiting
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