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Power plants for everyone? [May. 16th, 2006|09:48 pm]
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So I've been watching It's Not Easy Being Green (more here), Colonel Dick is top, best mustache ever. I've always had some amount of hippy tendencies and well watching the programme got me thinking about such things, one of which was grey water and how hard it would be to convert a normal average family home to make use of it. So it was very cool to read this story about using Microbes to Convert Wastewater into Useable Electricity, could this be a viable alternative to a hydrogen economy or at least something to use until they have all the problem sorted? I wonder what the figures look like for kilograms of waste produced verse usable power that can be created? and how much the equipment would cost vs the saving. Given this story and the cost £200,000 for one house, I guess its not ready for primetime just yet.

One other question, why we have these great big power stations? I guess for much the same reason we centralise any resource to get economies of scale, but looking at fuel cells, biodiesel and a few other technologies, maybe soon every house, street or other smallish collection of people could generate some of their own power?