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New Macbooks

I was all set to get a nice Dell D610 (just to get a bit more CPU power and some half decent graphics hardware) and have Ubuntu running XGL installed, thinking that would be a very nice setup, then I saw the new Macbooks.


So they look so nice, and for a change aren't that expensive about a grand for the top of the line in black with a gig of RAM, maybe I was a little off on the wait 18 months thing (or maybe not I still have no idea where I'm going to get the money from to buy one). I mean I like my current laptop, its been a great solid machine, it even survived my celling failing on it, as nice as the Macbook looks, it just does not come across as super strong and built like a tank, but I'll reserve judgment until I can see one in the flesh.

Also worth noting:
If you go to the Apple Store page, the select button for the black model is also black, such attention to detail.
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