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Random things from setting up a website [Aug. 22nd, 2006|09:40 pm]
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So my Mother has this holiday home in France and I got the job of knocking up a website for it. After many late night and many version it went live two weeks ago. This is just some notes of various things I learnt in the process beside never working for family.

Always add a favion.ico and robots.txt to your site, at first I did not have these, this produced a few pages worth of logfiles with error 404's and request for them also and the also missing 404.html page. This just add extra noise to the log, which made it harder to see any real problems with the site, bad links etc, i had one link go to the wrong place, which was one the live site for about three days before I spotted it because of this.

Google will index you very very quickly, the googlebot came visiting after the site had only be live for an hour or two, so about the time it took the DNS entry to propagate. Yahoo! was next later that same day, then Whois.sc on the next and MSN last at the end of the week. Google has been back two or three time but Yahoo! has been back three or four times a day most days since.